The Metagalactic Pipe Organ, new Steampunk HQ installation.

Metagalactic Pipe Organ


New at Steampunk HQ, the Metagalactic Pipe Organ.

Steampunk technicians have been hard at work at Headquarters re-activating one of the building’s most intriguing and important pieces of scientific equipment. The work is finally complete, and the once-abandoned Metagalactic Sonic Device has now been officially rewired, reprogrammed and switched on for all visitors.

One of the Metagalactic Mechanics at HQ described the intriguing musical machine as;

“A device for capturing sounds and signals picked up by the HQ time travel Officers when visiting alien worlds.The sounds were captured during space-time jumps to earth. To an alien listener, they would sound very strange. Some say that special combinations of notes will open up time portals within the building to exotic alien holiday destinations. The tones, loops, and extra-terrestrial sound bytes go together in many different ways, resulting in surprising combinations.”

Visitors are encouraged to try it for themselves, and to see if they can find and decode some of the sound messages that are stored the Organ.

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