Recycled Relics Exhibition by Genius Sculptor Chris Meder

Chris Meder

Steampunk HQ in Oamaru is thrilled to announce that it will be exhibiting Recycled Relics; sculptures by the late Chris Meder. The exhibition will open at Queen’s Birthday Weekend and will run for a limited period of time throughout the winter.

“It is a privilege to have an exhibition of such national importance at Steampunk HQ,” said exhibition organiser Jan Kennedy. “These are works of significance and we will be dedicating considerable time and gallery space to the exhibition. The majority of the sculptures are on loan from a private Auckland collection. “

Prior to his death in 2010 Chris Meder was at the forefront of the sculpture scene in NZ. His iconic sculptures; ‘Bosca’ (the Gorilla) and ‘Chopper Holland’ were highlights of the first Steampunk Art Exhibition at Oamaru’s Forrester Gallery in 2009. He also made Time Machine for that same exhibition. His works created worldwide interest and heralded the start of the Steampunk movement in Oamaru.

Chris also produced ‘Express the Steam Train’ for a Fat Freddy’s Drop music video that featured at worldwide animation festivals in 2007. Whilst his giant rhinoceros affectionately known as Terry was created for the 2010 Elderslie Flower Show. This terrific beast turned heads as he travelled north on an open trailer.

Described as an artist of rare ability, with a very special creativity and an inventive mind. Chris’ extraordinary animals were all constructed from scrap metal and bear an incredible likeness to the animal form. His ability to give them gesture and expression was uncanny. His birds are often described as having a “quizzical individuality”.

“We will be hosting the Recycled Relics exhibition in honour of Chris’ and with the full support of his family including partner Miriam and daughter Olive,” announced Jan. “He was a major supporter of what we were trying to achieve at Steampunk HQ, a man of such extraordinary talent gone way too soon.”

Chris Meder’s sculptures stand head and shoulders above anything of their kind in NZ.

Recycled Relics will be on display at Steampunk HQ from Friday 29th May until 30th August 2015. Steampunk HQ will be open daily from 10am – 5pm.